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Cheryl is a primary and high school classroom teacher, having held specialist classroom roles in literacy intervention, The Arts and specialist classroom music.

Cheryl has presented music technology workshops for individual schools in South Australia, EdTechSA, national music conferences and with Music EdNet on their DAYTiME conference circuit around Australia and New Zealand.

Through Cheryl’s passion to transform the classroom by integrating technology throughout the curriculum, she joined Bushfire Press in 2008, creating The Interactive Music Room, Books 1-3, adapting their Music Room curriculum for use on IWB using the software Easiteach®.

With Bushfire Press, Cheryl is currently working on a series called Music Room Tech; Technology projects for the music classroom, incorporating the pedagogies of inquiry, STEAM, and Project Based Learning through units of work using music specific and general iPad apps, computer software and coding.

Cheryl’s biggest passion as a teacher is ‘Brain-based’ learning, actively engaging the whole child and bringing technology to the classroom, in a meaningful and fun way.

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