Online Learning Activities 2020

This post has links to resources I have used during lockdown for Covid-19, or links to resources I have previously created which could be used for online learning. 

Primary Activities

Choice Boards

I was asked by my publishers, Bushfire Press, to write some resources based on their Music Room series for remote/home learning during Covid-19. These editable PowerPoint resources are for Primary School levels Kinder/Grade 1- Grade 7. I have had great feedback from teachers who have used them.

Have a look at these Choice Boards on the Bushfire Press Website.


Secondary Activities

Pop Music Analysis Unit

Prior to Covid-19 locking us down I had prepared a unit of work for my year 8 students to work online with while I went to Sydney for a conference. Well that conference never happened because Covid-19 locked us down and luckily my students were already prepared for online learning. This is a unit which has been adapted from, and uses the resources found here at the NSW Education website.

The unit teaches pop song structure and analysis. I originally adapted it with the intention that I pre-taught the activities as a whole class and then the students had individual tasks to complete online in Google Classroom. If you are teaching online you may want to adapt this to suit your online structure.

I did not teach all the tasks in the NSW Education Analysis Unit. The tasks I chose covered Genre, Song Structure, Instrument Roles, Song Analysis, and then I wrote my own task, Creating Your Own Song in Incredibox.

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The files in the zipped folder below are in word documents and pdfs which will work for MS Teams, to convert to Google Docs, save the files to Google Drive, open them as a Google doc and save them. Some of the files are adapted versions of the tasks and additional resources I found, the pdf’s are direct downloads from NSW Education website.

Pop Song Analysis Unit

I created the following tutorial for my students for the Incredibox task. Feel free to use it with your students.

Other Secondary Resources I used

Midnight Music Star Wars Lessons

I also used Katie Wardrobe’s Star Wars Chrome Music Lab Songmaker Unit. My Year 9 students loved it.

With Katie’s permission some of us created a powerpoint to use in Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. I adapted this from a Google Slides document shared by Willem New on the Australian Classroom Music Teachers Facebook Page

Here is my PowerPoint file:

Star Wars Chrome Music Lab PowerPoint

Kaboom Percussion

When we returned to face to face teaching I had some students still at home. For their practical assignments I set some Kaboom Percussion Play-Alongs.

Musical Futures Chair Drumming

I also set Chair drumming as a task, using the Musical Futures resources and asking the students to video record themselves playing along to a song. This was also a big hit with my Year 8’s. See the link below to their free resources during COVID-19, which includes the Chair Drumming.

Previous posts which would work for online teaching:

Creating ePubs in the Music Classroom

Coding Music Instrument Apps in Hopscotch & Tynker

I hope these examples from my classroom help you in your online teaching too.



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  1. Cheryl, Do you ever do consulting? I need someone to help integrate inquiry and more technology into the existing curriculum. Our school is becoming a PYP. Thank you.

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