Free Music Advocacy Resource: Six things every parent should know about music


I have been thinking about writing an article to give out to my parents at school about why it is important that we have Music as a specialist subject.

However why reinvent the wheel when a wonderful colleague of mine, Janice Tuck, from The Fun Music Company emailed one to me this morning.

She has written an article advocating the 6 things parents should know about music and why it is important children take part in it.

Download Janice’s article here: sixthingsparentsshouldknowaboutmusiceducation

If the research is there to say that music education not only exercises both sides of the brain but enables our students to work at a higher standard in other curriculum areas, isn’t it a no-brainer that we as parents and educators advocate for Music to be a vital part of our weekly curriculum?

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Another great Article on BYOD in the classroom

edudemic-logoHere is another great read.

The article talks about:

  1. Set realistic expectations and outcomes in regards to why you are using the device.
  2. Planning thoroughly to avoid dead time in the classroom in an era where the students can most of the time know more than us with this new technology and always have PLAN B!
  3. Universality is the best, setting tasks that allowing students to choose the app they feel comfortable working in and not limiting them to a certain app.

enjoy the read






I am a primary classroom music teacher, teaching levels Reception through Year 7.

I have been teaching since 2003. My first 3 years I taught in the UP classroom and since 2006 I have also been a specialist Classroom Music teacher.

This is my 2nd year teaching in an International Baccalaureate School and am loving the challenge of learning how to plan IB PYP.

My Aim is to better understand how to marry specialist music with classroom units of inquiry, while trying to create authentic links that not only link to classroom learning but allow me to honour the music curriculum I teach.

I am also the author of ‘The Interactive Music Room‘ a joint project with Bushfire Press where I adapt their ‘Music Room‘ resource for use in the Interactive classroom on IWB’s & soon mobile devices.

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Here I will be posting music resources, strategies, lesson ideas and activities I am using & trialling with my students.

I hope you can benefit from my posts.



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