Help I lost my video & photo assessment on my iPad!

It’s that embarrassing & sickening moment when you realise that even though you may be seen as tech savvy by your peers, you make the mistake of deleting a file before confirming you had a backup. Really it has been a miracle I haven’t made this mistake earlier! I got a new iPad last week and set about transferring all my files from my old one to my new one. I used iTunes file sharing and thought I had transferred all files before deleting them, however one Book Creator file, the one with 4 weeks of video assessment in it somehow didn’t make it to iTunes before I deleted it. Red faced I had not double checked it was there either, nor had I exported the ePub to iBooks, so no backup and no way that Apple themselves could retrieve it. So I hit Google, note this is not endorsed by Apple themselves as they do not encourage the download of ‘third party software’. What you need to google is “iPad backup extractor”, you will find lots of hits to wade through. Almost all I looked at had a free download trial, that allowed for scanning your iTunes backup to show you what files you could recover, however to actually recover the files you need to pay for the software. NB Each software had differing levels of ability to recover files so if you are going to do this it is best to do the research. After quite a number of hours searching and downloading many trial versions of software I realised that there was no way to recover my actual Book Creator file as I had never saved it as an ePub outside of the app, however I found that the videos I had taken within the app I could recover. Cost wise, I always look for a bargain, but also because I am in Australia the exchange rate right now is crazy, so the more professional looking ones with more features and higher levels of file recovery, were going to cost me in excess of $60 AUD. The best one I found for recovering the most data was Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS $79 USD ($100+AUD at present) This I was not willing to pay for just recovering video footage. Maybe I’ll buy it later when I lose Explain Everything files, however I finally found one for $20AUD, it is not a fancy looking software and for me it did the job of recovering all my videos and photos taken and so now I can reconstruct my assessment, sometimes simple is all you need! ThMSB4_256e software I bought is MobileSyncBrowser. It safely installed on my Mac (also available for PC) and I am very happy with the results. Lesson learned for me is ALWAYS back up your most important files on an iPad via cloud storage such as Dropbox. Because while you ‘Backup’ and ‘Sync’ your iPad, unless the actual file is saved elsewhere, it is a costly exercise to recover something!



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