Music and Media Advertising Unit of Inquiry – Best TV commercials for 2015

This post was written for my Year 6/7 class so that I could provide them with TV commercials to view in one place without sending them to Youtube. Feel free to use it as a resource with your students too.

Central Idea:

Media has the power to influence thinking and behaviour.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The influence of music as a form of media.
  • The ways music connects with an audience.

Key Concepts:

  • Perspective
  • Responsibility
  • Form

Your Tuning In Task:

We Are Learning To:

Analyse how music connects with an audience using the elements of music to influence our thinking, emotions and behaviour.

What I am Looking For:

A description of how elements in the music make you feel, why you think the music evokes this response and what was the intent for this choice of music.

This Is Because:

Media has the power to influence thinking and behaviour.

Here are 7 of the best adverts for 2015.

Download this Word Document and open in Pages. Music&MediaAdvertising_TI_task

As you watch the adverts, record your response in the document.

Use these musical elements to help describe the music:

Tempo – fast/slow

Dynamics – loud/soft

Pitch – high/low

Tone Colour – the use of certain instruments or sounds

Texture – thin/thick, layers of sound

Form – sections, change in music, repeating sections

Style – a specific style of music chosen for a purpose

Ribena: You Can’t Get Any More Ribenary

A creative advert for the blackcurrant Ribena drink.

Android: Friends Furever

Pairs of different animals playing/roaming together. “Be together. Not the same.”


Nike: Short a Guy

Follows a normal kid through a series of games with professional athletes because they are all “short one guy”.


Atlantic Group: 37 Days

Electric heaters advertised by growing a garden in a glass room 8000 feet above sea level surrounded by -30 temperatures in British Columbia. Melting ice reveal seeds and garden beds, hibernating butterflies and vegetation which grows into a garden after 37 days.


Comcast Xfinity: Emily’s Oz

Comcas Xfinity is a verbal guide for people with visual disabilities. The Advert is a visual representation of a blind girl’s explanation to what she sees when watching the Wizard of Oz.

Lexus: Beyond Utility

Talks about their advertising campaign.


Dove: Choose Beautiful

An experiement by Dove where women had to choose between walking through the Beautiful Door and the Average Door. #Choosebeautiful


Answer this question:

How does music influence and connect with the audience?


Australian Curriculum:

Explain how the elements of music communicate meaning by comparing music from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music (ACAMUR091)

Analyse composers’ use of the elements of music and stylistic features when listening to and interpreting music (ACAMUR097)


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4 thoughts on “Music and Media Advertising Unit of Inquiry – Best TV commercials for 2015

  1. Hi Cheryl, I am very interested in your pyp resources and wondered if you would share some of your planning. I am very interested in your media and music unit for upper school.
    I have tried this before but like your approach are you able to give me more detail

    1. Hi Christine,
      I haven’t finished the unit yet as we went on to arrange our own music and it has taken longer than I thought. I have put it on hold as I prepare for school concert with my students.
      I will pick it up again late in T3 and finish it in Term 4. Once I have finished & know it’s successful I will post the finished product.
      Kind regards

  2. Thanks Cheryl. I intend to create my own music as well. I am planning to work with students to invent their own product and generate evocative music that fits with the subject. I would still love to hear how you got on.

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