Classroom Organisation

In the 6 years I have been teaching Classroom Music I have tried to find the most efficient way to organise my classroom

I would like to share how I have set up my classroom this year, hopefully it will help you and I would love to hear how other people set their classrooms up.

I was blessed this year to be given permission to buy some furniture so off to IKEA I went!

The Expedit 2×2 shelving units & Drona boxes were perfect for storing instruments

Instrument storage
Instrument storage

My labels are laminated and stuck onto the boxes with velcro sticky dots.

download my posters here percussion_instrument_posters.pdf

images used by permission from Music Room: A development classroom music program by Bushfire Press Pty Ltd

Group name sheets
Group name sheets

During my lessons I have my classes split into 5 groups. Each group has a group name card which has check boxes next to the students name. Each week I check the next students name on the list and they are my ‘Leader’ for that lesson. Their job is to get any instruments or materials needed, pack up and put away things or even cast the deciding vote when doing a project!

download my proforma here  group_organisation.docx

images used by permission from Music Room: A development classroom music program by Bushfire Press Pty Ltd

class set up ready for Lesson
class set up ready for Lesson

I have enough percussion instruments in a box to cater for 1 group. When using percussion instruments with my students I will give each group a different box of instruments and these boxes are rotated clockwise around the room by the leaders of each group. My rule is that when you are the leader you get to choose which instrument is given to each student in your group (works most of the time although you can’t stop some children from trying to buck the system and complain 🙂 ) .

positive reward chart
positive reward chart

For positive reinforcement I award house point stickers for good behaviour, being on task and showing they are ready to learn (the school is split into 3 House Teams for sports day & points are also awarded for being good students in the classroom and around the school)

download my template below

house points chart

How do you organise your classroom?



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