Planning IB PYP in the Specialist / Single Subject Classroom

With no prior experience with teaching in an IB PYP school, starting out last year in my new school as the Classroom Music Teacher was quite a daunting experience.  I was truly blessed though to have great support in my Principal and other staff members who encouraged me to teach my music program from my … Continue reading Planning IB PYP in the Specialist / Single Subject Classroom

Classroom Organisation

In the 6 years I have been teaching Classroom Music I have tried to find the most efficient way to organise my classroom I would like to share how I have set up my classroom this year, hopefully it will help you and I would love to hear how other people set their classrooms up. … Continue reading Classroom Organisation


Welcome! I am a primary classroom music teacher, teaching levels Reception through Year 7. I have been teaching since 2003. My first 3 years I taught in the UP classroom and since 2006 I have also been a specialist Classroom Music teacher. This is my 2nd year teaching in an International Baccalaureate School and am … Continue reading Welcome